Be Image Smarter – Stop Using “Cookie Cutter” Mark

Be Image Smarter – Stop Using “Cookie Cutter” Marketing

by: Judith A. Wentzel

We all know you only get one chance to make a good first impression.
That is why all your marketing materials need to relay a sharp, professional image. Remember,
Don’t be tempted to use “Cookie Cutter Marketing”.
A sharper, more professional image is what you need to present in order to beat out your competitors and land new business.
Put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes and really look at your message.
Does your ad say basically the same as everyone else in your field?
Is it similar in layout and design?
This is what I refer to as “Cookie Cutter Marketing”.
Realtors are notorious for using basically the same old advertising techniques and design as the next realtor – across the country!
What makes any of them stand out as any better than the other? Nothing.
Occasionally, one realtor will stand out from his/her peers by using a different type of advertising.
These ads are known as Image Ads and portray a more knowledgeable, personable, trusting individual that you feel more secure in contacting.
They stand out from their competition because their ads are totally different and relay a more interesting content which catches the recipient’s attention.
Image advertising is not new. All the major corporations have been using it for decades.
It is what makes you want to buy Nike over other running shoes.
Just Do It! made them millions in sales. So remember…
You need to capture your recipient’s attention and then deliver your message in a manner that makes them want to contact YOU.
Using full color post cards are a great way to deliver your message in an effective mail campaign.
Don’t be tempted to print them yourself or buy in bulk.
Not everyone has a printer that will print the high resolution you need.
You want to send high quality materials.
Watch your own mail. Do you read the paper post cards you receive from realtors, insurance agents, etc?
Most likely, they end up in the trash.
But what about a full color, glossy, laminated card… This card is higher quality in itself.
Notice what is printed on this card. Does it catch your attention? Are you beginning to see what I am talking about?
It is all about Image. Your first impression is EXTREMELY important and should leave the recipient with the feeling that you are not just after a sale.
You offer information, service and above all, QUALITY!
I have been designing these fabulous post cards for over a year now and my own business has picked up since changing my marketing strategy and the manner in which I was delivering my message.
Try it for yourself. Switch your mindset from the traditional “Cookie Cutter” marketing that you have been doing and try using an Image Smarter approach.
I know it works because it works for me.
To learn more about becoming Image Smarter visit my web sites or
Good luck and good marketing.

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This article was posted on January 17, 2005