Slogan For Your ’05 Business

Slogan For Your ’05 Business

by: Rudy Hiebert

Logos and slogans are big eye catchers for the big businesses we’re used to seeing every day. It’s the seldom thought of products that are fun to watch as they create new ways to market their ideas to the user and consumer. As the Olympic International Committee is in its early stages of preparations for 2010 in Vancouver, BC we’re seeing some interesting news stories. One story in particular will be based on its court case to settle the issue of the noteworthy Olympic rings. The subject business has been in business many years prior to the 2010, but protection of a certain issue is serious business when the backdrop of winter sports athletic stage will be the symbol known around the world. Is it this potential revenue that is at stake instead of the gold, silver or bronze the athletes have trained and worked so hard to win?
Slogans have been part of sports and especially the motor sports. The life-blood of these athlete’s vehicles is what is put in their engines and whatever else turns. The companies that have put science to work and are the leaders in the laboratories contribute to the winner standing on the podium. Amsoil Inc. has established itself as the “First In Synthetics”, trade marked and proudly displayed in its web site. Winning the checkered flag in motor sports is like the metal hung around the neck of a runner.

About The Author

Rudy Hiebert, has been using and selling Amsoil since 1989. His passion for applying the internet to promoting Amsoil synthetic lubricants and related products and opportunities was the energy that provided his son Kevin with his first web site. In Amsoil’s cyber presence was launched in Canada if not all of North America. Since then was designed by Amsoil Inc. and continues to this day to be highly visible to those seeking superior car care products applicable to all types and sizes of vehicles.

This article was posted on January 02, 2005