Avoiding the Common Pitfalls in Marketing

Avoiding the Common Pitfalls in Marketing

by: Scott F. Geld

You know how important marketing is to your business yet many companies still make the most common marketing mistakes. We’re going to cover some very common mistakes below. You should check yourself and make sure you are not committing these common mistakes.
Some common problems are marketing the wrong product or trying to sell a product that has already been overdone. You need to be original. You also need to be sure you are marketing the right people. If you are trying to sell to the wrong people, you are not going to have any sales. Everyone knows what it’s like to get mail for home insurance when you don’t own your home, advertisements for your child’s college when you don’t have children and other similar “junk mail” that is attempting to market to you when you can not use the product or service.
You do not want your marketing attempts to be in vain like those spam mails you delete and that junk mail that arrives in your mailbox. So to do this, you need to be sure to market to the right people. It is not hard to find out someone’s profession or gender and the time you take to find put will pay off when you start marketing to future customers.
Another common mistake involves simple editing in print ads such as emails, newsletters and direct mail marketing. Some one will not want to buy from you if they see mistakes in your type. If you need to, have a professional write or edit the copy for you to be sure it is perfect. There is no room for error in this area. Your typos will make a terrible first impression and chase away potential customers.
Once you have attracted your customers, be sure to offer a high level of customer service. Train your staff to offer a personal and helpful service. Never try to place the blame for any problem on your customer and always make them feel important so that they are likely to return to you in the future.
You should avoid blaming the customer for problems or instances. Talk to them friendly and polite and work out the problem or situation without blaming or yelling. Excellent customer service can correct any problem that your customers might encounter.

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This article was posted on September 14, 2005