An Interesting Type of Investment Opportunity for Those Seeking Higher Returns

Many Americans today are content to put their retirement savings into low-fee exchange-traded funds, and this often turns out to be a wise decision. While saving and investing regularly is what tends to count the most, though, quite a few investors would do well to seek out higher returns than these broad market indices are likely to produce. Whether for young investors who can afford to take on a bit of risk or those nearing retirement who are scrambling to put together anything at all, investments with a higher potential for returns can easily make sense. While many investors are unaware of them, there are some relatively novel investment options that can achieve this and more.

Among the most interesting of these are some that have only become possible in recent years. When the last recession set in, Congress sought by many different means to ensure a smooth, complete recovery. The USA JOBS Act that extended unemployment benefits for so many displaced workers attracted a great deal of attention for that reason, but it was actually quite a bit more ambitious and far-reaching.

One of the provisions of the legislation, for example, enabled a new way of funding relatively small business ventures without needing to jump through all the usual hoops. Instead of restricting investment to previously qualified individuals or working through a capital-intensive public offering process, entrepreneurs and others were given the ability to work directly with small investors, in certain cases.

While that opportunity has proved to be more helpful in some circumstances than others, it has certainly shined when utilized to make the most of another important recent development. Although most of the production happening as part of the ongoing shale gas and oil boom is conducted and financed by well established businesses, some of it is of a very different nature.

In fact, quite a few successful production projects have been backed by individual investors brought together under the provisions of the USA JOBS Act. While investments like these will tend to entail more risk than relatively conservative bets on the overall direction of the equities markets, the potential for returns they frequently come with can make them suitable to many investors.